How long does it take to get 6 pack abs and what are the most effective exercises for it? What kind of diet plan should one follow?

First of all, no sweet, no spice, no butter type food, no fat, no salt and low carb high protein diet. No sweet means not even fructose. No fruit. Not even any fruit juice.

Let's see if you have big belly then you have to reduce that to normal shape. That means you have to do all kinds of crunch with heavy weight. You have to do four times a day. Yeah, you have heard me right. You have to do in four sessions. If you start first session in 7 am then next session will start in 11 am and next two in 3 pm and 7 pm respectively. Remember, you are doing this to reduce your big belly to normal shape. Not for six pack. For that you have to do all kinds of core exercises. If you are eating strictly which is a must anyway and also the most important thing here. You will be able to reduce your belly to normal shape in 7 days. After that your real exercise will start.

You have to run or jogg for half of km or slightly shorter range than that depending on your capacity( you can do this on treadmill as well). When you get home, you could take a bit of rest to have your breathing in normal pace. Then you have to do all kinds of core exercises. This will be your first session. Then you can be busy with your life after taking rest. You have to start this whole process again starting from running at the start of your next session. As I said before, you have to do 4 session like this in a day. You have to continue this process day after day. Remember no rest day. You have to buy a body fat calculator from online. Your body fat percentage have to be under 14% to visible any sort of abs. Ideally you have to be at 10–11% body fat.

Continue this process and you will see the difference. You will see how quickly your body fat percentage is reducing. By the time you have ended one month, you should have six pack abs if not then you have a problem with your diet. Remember, you have to eat very strictly.

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