How long does it take to lose 2 pounds of pure stomach fat?

No one can lose just " 2 pounds of pure stomach fat" by normal means. Two pounds of fat can be lost if you metabolize about 7000 calories more than you consume. This can be done with exercising about one hour a day for maybe 10–20 days while having a 7000 calorie deficit. Or doing an Ironman while not consuming more calories than would be eaten if you were sedentary. A problem with this is that such a calorie deficit would also cause you to lose some muscle and liver because the body won't just lose the weight where you want it to. It would be from everywhere in the body you have any fat.

If your goal is just to lose just stomach fat, then you will have to see someone qualified to do liposuction which will take just a few minutes in a surgical theater.

What is it like to experience sleep paralysis?

I had a terrible sleep paralysis, 10 mins ago from the time I am writing this answer.I usually get sleep paralysis as my sleep pattern is really bad and irregular, I usually sleep at 2:40- 3 or sometimes 4 and get up at 6 in the morning, that's how much less sleep I

Is lifting weights bad for distance runners?

Lifting weights is an excellent addition to the fitness routine for distance runners. In addition to aerobic development, one of the most important components of distance running is to build stronger muscles that produce a forceful stride quicker and more efficiently. Lifting weights helps you do just that, though it can

What process occurs during fat loss and fat burning?

We are a giant collection of trillions of chemical reactions. For these chemical reactions to take place, there needs to be energy. Just like your car can't move without energy (gasoline), neither can you. When you want to move, your body takes energy from your blood (which was