How long does it take to run 26.2 miles?

There was an algorithm which looked at the number of training miles per week and the average pace per week's mileage, giving a ballpark time, ceteris paribus. A person, with no training, was estimated to be able to finish the classic marathon distance of 42.195km/26.28176mi in the 7 hour range.
Having said that. the world best time for the marathon distance on a record- eligible course, in a race situation, is a sliver over two hours (2:01:39). The fastest time for the marathon distance, however, is two hours and five seconds.

So it is highly likely that your time would fall somewhere in between those two extremes.

How many years can I live a sedentary lifestyle before I get a chronic medical condition?

Chronic medical conditions are the result of years of cumulative damage. Most people start seeing early signs of medical issues in their forties. If they let themselves gain weight, they may develop pre-diabetes. If they don't maintain cardiovascular fitness, they may notice that they get breathless after climbing a few flights

What is the one thing that you hate but everybody else seems to like?

Junk Food.Credit to buy consumables.Chasing girls and not passion or life goal.Depending on businesses and governments for one's future via ‘secure jobs'.Spending time on social media and not investing time on self development.Staying up late at night and not being morning person.Alcohol, smoking and late night parties etc. to appear cool among peers.Doing things

What if I have weight loss surgery? I have bad knees and sciatic nerve pain.

Weight loss will certainly help your sciatica. Your lumbar spine may be stressed by the excess weight pulling forward on it. However I'm not sure that weight loss surgery is the best idea. Check in to the consequences; possible death during or after the procedure, a lifetime of only being able