How long does it take to visit the London Zoo?

This is a map of London Zoo, located in the North-East corner of Regents Park, it covers 36 acres (15 hectares) and contains over 20,000 animals in 698 species. It is huge and you should devote an entire day to enjoy it fully (or at least a major part of it. The cost of entry also merits spending significant time there.

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There is an entire section on the north side of the Regent's Canal that requires a couple of hours exploration in itself. It includes the modernist Snowdon Aviary and various other exhibits.

It depends if you want to make a day of it or just see something in particular.

If you plan it out so you see the talks, feeding and shows then even a full day will not complete the entire Zoo.

I would highly recommend planning out a full day and including some of the shows/talks/feedings you want to see the most.

Remember though water and food is very over priced there and you can not take in food or drinks from outside. They check your bags for this on entry.

It's a great day out for anyone, couple or family. Highly recommend.

From Chicago about twelve hours.

I never feel I've seen all there is to see even after a spending a whole day there, but with a Membership providing unlimited free entrance I've had some very pleasant visits that were just an hour long. Doing this requires a bit of a game plan or you'll find you wasted your very limited time wondering what to go and look at. But if you're able to prioritise, and especially if the exhibit you wanted to visit is close to the entrance or exit and not way over in the most remote corner of the Zoo, you can go and come away feeling like you've had a good visit.

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