How long must a Christian man court a Christian girl before they can get married?

In Christianity there is no set time. Some denominations have a prescribed time but most do not. I think most couples who do pre-marital counseling are counseled to wait until they are absolutely ready and understand all the ramifications of marriage. A good rule of thumb many follow it ‘at least one year after getting engaged'. That leaves time for planning the wedding and getting that pre-marriage counseling and getting to know each other better.

Is it wrong to be a part of a religion you don't believe in to please your spouse?

No matter the actions you undertake that may be representative of a religion, if you truly don't believe in it then it doesn't mean that you are actually a fake member of a religion. Don't worry about thoughts that involve you

How to stop acting feminine/gay

Lots of advice. No answers. As Quora is a Q & A forum, here is your answer:I. Get your testosterone checked. If it is very low and you do not have a genetic disorder, do a course of T therapy - prolonged therapy harms ability to produce

Can anyone learn how to code?

Being a good programmer in just a year is possible however it would require a lot of effort and constant studying. Here are three ways you can do to improve your programming knowledge:Learn a new language or technology to keep up with the ever changing technology. Nowadays it is easy to learn due to the hundreds of