How long should a workout be to lose weight?

The way fat loss works is that muscles are put under stress doing sets with repetitions. The last ‘rep' should completely tax your ability to complete it.

You breath often and hard, because your body needs oxygen to use up glycogen and fat stored energy. The ‘exhaust' is water vapor and carbon dioxide.

During the next 48 hours those muscles are ‘repaired' using up more fat energy to build muscle. More H2O and CO2 expelled - especially at night.

Along with stressing the larger muscles (below the belly button) a diet that has no white foods,( e.g., alcohol, sugar, bread )and fewer carbohydrates, more protein and little fat should be consumed during the day. 6 smaller meals of equal calories that total to your base metabolism plus 10% let your body know that it is not starving and maintains higher metabolism.

You need food so that you can perform your ‘exercise'. If at the end an hour (or so) you have enough energy to do aerobic activity, then you should be working harder moving the weights around during your exercise time.

If you don't have the energy to do your planned exercise, you need more food in order to complete your program. The main reason to eat is so that you can do your exercises. If you are hungry during the day increase the protein. You know you are consuming too much protein is that your work-out clothes smell of ammonia.

I'm currently overweight; should I try to gain muscle or focus on losing fat first?

If you seek solely loosing fat by doing cardio and feeding upon greens and boiled etc., you are going to be WEAK.You will loose significant amount of weight in short time and be slim in size. However, you will just transit from bulky to skinny fat. That is not a healthy

Is working out 15 hours a week enough?

It's bordering on too much. Even at my most absurd amounts I was not passing 10 hours a week. That was cardio, 10–12 exercises (no supersetting), cardio making each workout almost 2 hours.Now?Chest/Legs starts slow, no sets between flat bench, incline bench, or decline bench as no machines or freeweights of viability are nearby and walking away would forfeit

What are some lifestyle hacks?

Well you can use following Life Hacks:While travelling by flight, tie a bright colored ribbon/cloth to your luggage, makes it easy to identify among pile of luggage.Always take a photograph of important things, as your documents, social security number, PAN cards,