How long should you wait to travel a place new?

I assume you mean, "how long should you wait to travel to a new place?"

If you're rich, have access to travel in an instant and in control of your own time, then you may not need to wait. You can definitely go in a spontaneous trip all over the world.

But if you're part of the majority of the earth's population. It would definitely depend on different factors. Some of which that I can think of are:

  • Budget - Ask yourself - how much savings do you have? how much budget is allocated for your trip? Do you have enough money on your target travel date?
  • Destination - weather, location, culture, etc. If you're travelling to a place that is very new to you. It is advisable that you prep yourself and get more background about the culture and people of the place that you're going to visit. As well as the best time to visit that place.
  • If employed, days you are allowed for a vacation. If you are travelling somewhere far, you would definitely would want to maximize your vacation.
  • Your health - If you wanted to take on certain activities or there's a particular requirement for a particular tour, you of course need to prep yourself.
  • Your travel buddy's availability in case you're not going on a solo trip.
  • Other factors that are of personal nature

Decision making is very personal in nature and only you can decide on it based on the circumstances that you're currently in. Make a journal and start planning.

Takes about 6 months to 12 months for the roads and intersections in a new part of town to be mapped (by the roving car camera) and released to the gps downloads. Your phone maps auto loads such info - so typically the first ones to be able to recognize street addresses in that area.

You should wait for the time when you have accumulated more travel funds and you're feeling restless and ready to hit the load. Thats how I get!! when I get bored of everyday life and need to get out and start exploring, I look for a new destination to travel to. Also just a few weeks until the jet lag and the hassle of moving from one place to a next has worn off. This takes 2–3 months for me, sometimes sooner. I love to travel!!

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