How long until humanity evolves past War and Violence? Or will we destroy ourselves first?

Why do you think that war and violence is a thing to evolve beyond?

Violence is not a bad thing.

Are most really fast cars owned and driven by idiots who crave attention? Yes.

Does that mean that fast cars themselves are inherently bad? No.

Bad people use violence to hurt others. Some very good people use violence to stop bad people from hurting innocents. War is just violence on a nation-scale. I will say that the majority of violence is by bad people against good people, even more so with war, but that doesn't mean it's bad.

Violence is a last resort for good people to use to limit an aggressor's damage to others and to society as a whole. It is a very powerful tool that has major consequences for everyone involved. People who practice violence need to use extreme caution and a lot of judgement, but violence itself is not a bad thing.

I do not believe that we will ever evolve past war & violence. As long as there are people who disagree with one another, there will be violence. Someone will get offended or will realize that they can't reason with their opponents and will try to use violence to get his/her way, at which point violence against the aggressor will not only be justified but be the right thing to do.

How long until humanity evolves past War and Violence? Or will we destroy ourselves first?

One of the great "truths" that I used to believe was that we were basically cavemen in suits and that war and violence would be with us as long as we were human

And then I got smacked about the head with a shitload of actual DATA

The Better Angels of Our Nature - Wikipedia

We HAVE been getting better for thousands of years!

There is some reason to believe that we are almost there. The number of conflicts and the number of people dying in them has been going down fairly sharply for the last century.

Wars, when you come down to it are ALWAYS about control of, cost of, and access to resources - power over survival in short. Wars can be and generally are rationalized along political or religious lines, but the meaninglessness of the religious pose was demonstrated centuries ago when European Christians battled each other purportedly in the name of God. Similar nonsense has been demonstrated by Muslims and even Buddhists. Until recently wars were more about the one percent's desire to increase their wealth, forcing foreign polities to accede their demands on prices and access to markets (read about the "Boxer" "rebellion" and opium wars in China for instance - imagine, Europeans demanding the right to push drugs).

Wars are in essence at least metaphorically about survival. It can be "survival" of an extremely wealthy class covered by some religious or political myth (WWI, the Second Gulf War), or it can be about access to food and essentials for life (some current African conflicts). War right now may be evolution.

War and violence are at root an irrational outcome of valuable human nature (I mean aggressive not defensive modes). It is good that we value things - they are essential for life. It is good that we feel emotions about the things we value, promoting us fighting for them literally or figuratively.

So it is unlikely we will ever stop that. We certainly won't evolve out of it: if we remain subject to the forces of evolution, then aggressive emotions have obvious survival value. Once we can engineer our own genomes (not too far in the future), we would be wise to keep them for the reasons in the first paragraph.

However I expect that as all people get richer and the "empire of the pursuit of happiness" takes wider and deeper root, people will know that their interests like in trade and cooperation, not violence, and that is how these things will end.

There will always be a small proportion of people who are criminals - but I imagine those will be cured by some technological means or another.

So we will *philosophically* "evolve" ourselves out of war and violence, as they are a philosophical/ethical issue not primarily an effect of bad biology.

Neither. We humans are smart enough to know that we must always be prepared. Because this is not anyone's dream world where everyone can just get along. This is the real world, where hostility is a normally occurring phenom in nature. At any moment, any threat can come from anywhere. And there's always gonna be some people that are gonna have their reasons to start trouble. Look right now. The war is because of terrorism. So, humanity is smart enough to know to be prepared, and that's what will help us survive and not destroy ourselves. Well, maybe not all humanity is that smart.

It's more likely we'll destroy ourselves, but to be a dreamer about it:

the next phase. We're in space, we've changed in various ways, and we've come up with some sort of genetic alteration or whatnot that gets rid of war and radically reduces violence. That could be only a thousand years or so off.

We have passed peak violence in statistics long since [c.f. Uppsala Conflict Data Program for recent data, check fatalities view], but it has happened within historical time so is rather cultural change due to progress.

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