How long would Great Britain have survived if the US was supplying lifeline to Third Reich instead of Great Britain?

Say US didn't help UK starting in 1939 and instead concentrated on trading with Germany.

UK would speak German sometime in 1940 or early 1941 at the latest unless Hitler decided he wants to deal with Soviets really bad.

Look at how much help UK got from US before 1941. There were many volunteers. German ships were fired on by US Navy despite US technically being neutral.

Fast forward to 1941 and say Hitler still went after Soviets. Without US help Soviets would be having hard time AND may have been forced to sign peace treaty (I still think they would have won, but war would drag on for longer).

If Soviets and Germany sign peace treaty its back to UK. Say its 1942. UK is alone. her industry is weaker then Germany and soon she runs out of planes to defend herself. German invades over many sunken ships and Churchill goes to Canada as he said he would.

UK is not powerful enough to fight Germany 1 on 1. Not by a long shot. After WWII world was decided by victorious allies - US and Soviets with UK as a "third wheel". Today UK is no longer an empire. It is one of the larger countries in Europe.

Probably until about 1942.

US assistance was relatively sporadic until Lend-Lease, as Roosevelt was fighting an election in 1940 and the isolationist movement wanted no entanglements in the then predominantly-European war. The Neutrality Act of 1936 was dissolved and replaced by both Cash and Carry and Destroyers for Bases in 1940, but much of the materiel supplied as a result of those activities did not enter the war until late 1941/early 1942.

Lend-Lease was the big lifeline, and that kicked in mid-way through 1941.

So, without the US lifeline, the UK would have probably still made it through the Battle of Britain, and Hitler would have probably still stopped Operation Sea Lion, but the UK probably wouldn't have engaged in North Africa without Lend-Lease tanks, and the military operation there would have been a resounding defeat. Meanwhile, the Pacific theatre (specifically Burma) would depend largely on whether or not this scenario meant Japan and America were at war.

There is a possibility that, after Operation Sea Lion was cancelled and seeing no US lifeline in the offing, the UK would have hidden away and licked its wounds for a few years, while Germany turned its full attention on Russia. That would have meant the UK would still technically be in the war well into 1943 or even later, although in a functionally non-combative role. This seems unlikely, from both sides.

A more likely scenario was that if there had been no US lifeline, even if there were no more bombing runs made by Germany as a precursor to invasion, and no tit-for-tat bombing runs by both nations, by 1942 the Nazi blockade would have effectively starved the UK into capitulation.

The Question should be would America have existed if they fought with the third Reich? America didn't throw a lifeline to Great Britain, America had a course to to settle after Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, At least get your History right they did not join the war they wiped Japan out for Their own reasons they dropped an atom Bomb the cruelest Act known to Man Kind. THough it was at the time neccesary Japan was very cruel to prisoners of war.

We survived the first two years of the war with the US supplying Germany.

It was only after Pearl Harbor that they stopped.

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