How long would it take to lose 50 lbs while dieting and completing 60 minutes of cardio/4 days a week without a regular strength training routine?


This depletes muscle tissue and muscle is the only metabolically active tissue on your body. It makes you look better, be stronger, move better and be able to take care of yourself later on.

If you have 50 pounds of weight to lose, that will come from what you eat, or don't eat.

Cut out all processed carbs. Eat for energy.

Intermittent fast from dinner to a later breakfast or early lunch.

Eat tons of veggies for fiber.

Drink 8–10 glasses of water daily.

LIFT WEIGHTS to build lean muscle tissue.

If you are doing cardio, make it a steady state walk for 30–40 minutes on an empty stomach. Or do HIIT training to keep the calories burning even after you are done working out.

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30 Days to Weight Loss

Weight lift when you have eaten a meal an hour before, and immediately supplement with a protein shake to facilitate healing and recovery and to build muscle.

IF you have 50 pounds to lose, you'll put too much stress on your joints by doing only cardio. Get your body leaner, firmer and stronger!

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