How long would it take to travel 100 light-years with our technology?

Using one of the fastest space crafts ever developed, the Voyager 1 space probe, it would take roughly 1,736,809 years to travel 100 light years, travelling at its maximum velocity of 62,140 kph.

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How many nukes can we move into space, to power this "technology"?

Project Orion (nuclear propulsion) - Wikipedia

... maybe 0.1c top speed, so about 1000 years, ship's time. Would not want to go quite that fast, since interstellar gas would act like nuclear radiation. Might still want to reverse the ship after initial acceleration, to let the "shoe" act as a radiation / impact shield.

Does God control the weather?

Does God control the weather?If there is such a thing as god wouldn't he or she have something better to do than sit around deciding it would be fun to have thousands of people killed in a tsunami or tornado or hurricane? What kind of god is that?

Who would win in a war: Malaysia or Indonesia?

One on one battle?Indonesia, hands down.Indonesia was (and probably still) a military-obsessed country. It is a war-ridden nation nevertheless. They are stronger than any Southeast Asian countries in term of military power and look at their size! Also Indonesia has lots of outstandig military

What should be the ultimate goal in life?

To die happily! Death is the ultimate outcome of the life! So nothing (including goal) will end until death and everything will be end by then. But I can assure you if you keep this at your ultimate goal, all other goal