How many Indian superheroes exist in the DC and Marvel Comics universe?

Oh! Plenty, in fact so much so that it is actually impossible to remember their names. And if you add villain, and other supporting characters then it becomes mind boggling. Indians - this is for Marvel universe.

Indians - this is for DC comics universe.

These characters are mostly stereotype racist but couple of them are actually really really good but most people are unaware of them. If Hollywood want, they can make easily a Indian superhero character based films out of these. But maybe, they don't think, it will be financially viable.

Hope this helps. I know for sure that a lot of Indian will be surprised to see this.

Neal Shaara (Thunderbird III) is an Indian mutant in the X-Men.

He is from Kolkata and is a Pyrokinetic, which means that he can create and control fire with his mind.

Should I watch Westworld?

After four episodes I would say it's definitely worth watching. It's not on the league of Game of Thrones or other top flight shows yet but it certainly shows promise.It has a really impressive cast and even though it took

Which major should I take to grow plants in space?

Agricultural science is certainly a good start, but perhaps you could add horticulture, and lots of soil science; then you'll probably want to concentrate on biology/botany/microbiology, finally getting into genetic engineering. Come to think of it, as much engineering as you can work in would also be useful, especially concentrating in construction,