How many and how long are the classes you attend in college?

When I attended, my semesters were 8 weeks and classes were 2.5 hours twice a week. I liked it because the classes were at night and with the hassle of getting there and parking, 2.5 hours made for good discussion time and longer test taking time. After 4 weeks, we were into Mid-Term and 4 weeks later we took finals. I took one class while working full time at a job, so it was intense, but the thought of taking 4 classes for 4 months, NO Thanks. By time you get to class, 40 minutes later you are done, what can you learn in 40 minutes?

I liked the concentration of the class, quick to Mid-Term and Finals and then Done. On to the next subject.

What are some interesting PCOS weight loss stories, and diet plans?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is typically earmarked by irregular periods or by no menstruation at all.Foods to addHigh-fiber vegetables, such as broccoli.Lean protein, such as fish.Anti-inflammatory foods and spices, such as turmeric and tomatoes.Great options for high-fiber foods include:ccalciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sproutsgreens, including red leaf lettuce and arugulagreen and red peppersbeans and lentilsalmondsberriessweet potatoeswinter

Which is better for healthy eating - egg whites or the whole egg?

Both are healthy as both have different nutrition. If we talk aboutWHOLE EGGIt has protein, fat, sodium, cholestrol, good for testostrone which is male's number 1 hormone, branched chain amino acid ( BCAA ), vitamins.EGG WHITESIt is high in protein. It has protein, vitamins and branched chain amino acid ( BCAA

How often should I work each muscle group to maintain results?

It's a lot to say here . Depending of your condition your resistance and everything. I understand that you have a good experience working out and keeping yourself fit that's the most important. But if feel what you do become easy