How many calories do I eat to gain muscle mass?

You will have to eat excess amount of calories to see any grow in your muscles.

There is a minimum calorie requirement for your body to function normally. Your body gets less than this required amount then you loose weight, if more you gain. Your can't grow muscles if your body doesn't get a little extra energy than it actually needs. Simple. You will have to identify this number. This is the key. It could be 1000–3000 kcal per day depending on your body mass.

Best thing to do is:

  1. Eat same amount of food for a week (say, 2200 kcal per day), and follow your workout plan.
  2. Measure your body weight in the beginning and the end of the week.
  3. Compare your initial weight and the weight you get in the end of the week.
    • I you see your weight reduced or there is no change in body weight at all then you increase the calorie intake.
    • If there is a increase in your body weight then you stick to this amount of calories and workout hard.

Make sure you give a little more stress to your muscles, otherwise they will not have any reasons to grow.

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