How many calories does a tree consume a day?

I don't have the answer to the question, but we can put some boundaries on likely values.

One amazing fact: the biggest Giant Sequoia weigh almost 3,000,000 pounds, and could be 2,000 years old. That means that each tree is adding 1,500 pounds a year, or about 4 pounds a day net.

Given that each tree sheds a significant volume and weight of needles and branches each year, I think it's likely that the trees are adding 5–10 pounds of wood and vegetation a day.

Suppose this tree does grow 5kg of wood per day, the stored energy (that can be released by burning the wood) is about 15 MJ per kg, for a total of about 100MJ per day, about 25,000kCalories. It's likely that the energy cost to build the wood is multiples higher than is recovered by burning it.

100MJ per day is about 20MJ per peak hour of "insolation" (assuming about 5 hours per day of full sunlight), which is about 5.5kW, which requires about 5.5 m2 of solar capture area. Obviously the leaf area of a Giant Sequoia is quite a bit bigger than that, which supports the notion that the calories to build the tree are more than released burning it.

I would speculate that this king of trees absorbs between 25,000 - 100,000 kCalories per day of sunlight to per tree building!

What is produced during anaerobic respiration in muscles?

Anaerobic respiration is the ability of an organism to produce energy in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) without using oxygen. Instead, sulfate, nitrate or sulfur is used. To break down the equation above, organisms that use anaerobic respiration to produce energy start with glucose. Glucose is sugar, and the same sugar from the photosynthesis equation

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Don't buy any more food. You can't binge on what you don't have.It is difficult for me to share personal details about the traumas I have experienced. So, consider that I am admitting the following out of genuine love and care for you.I used to think that I