How many calories does casually walking a mile burn for a 183cm/6ft man, weighing 180 pounds?

Walking 1 mile for someone weighing 180 lbs will burn 100 calories.

You can see from this calculator that walking for 20 mins at 3mph (3mph for 20 mins is 1 mile) burns 100 calories.

You can also see, using the same calculator that walking for 15 mins at 4mph (4mph for 15 mins is 1 mile) burns 107 calories.

So speed does make a minor difference, but in terms of weight loss 7 calories per mile are negligible.

So this is nice and easy to remember. A 180 lb person will burn 100 calories per mile walked.

Would ISPs block people that use Linux from installing online things?

Blocked completely? Unlikely. I envision some sort of equivalent to LTE/4G/3G that the cell companies use. Certain license paying providers can stream to the faster protocol if they pay the price, others are limited to a

What is a diet plan for a 21 year old female?

Here are some general diet tips to follow-Drink a lot of water. Daily.It helps in detoxification of the body.Excess drinking of water may cause deficiency of sodium like ions.Reduce sugar intake.Say no to carbonated drinks like Coke, Pepsi etcMore Green

Which one should I do first, deadlifts or squats?

There is nothing wrong with squating and deadlifting on the same day.Starting Strength recommends the following order: Squat, press or bench press, deadlift. The squat serves as an effective full-body warmup (never start with your work weight on any of these, but especially not the squat), and putting arms in the