How many calories should I consume a day to lose 2 Kg per week?

About 15,000 / 7 days, so a little over 2,000 per day need to be lost.

It's very hard to calculate how many calories to consume. First, you need to know your BMR- basal metabolic rate. That's the number of calories you burn just by existing (heart pumping, digesting food, brain using oxygen, and so on), and it is calculated by age, sex and weight.

Then you need to figure out how many calories you burn each day- type of work, exercise done, etc., and so on.

IF you are not gaining or losing weight right now, then it's a little simpler. Just do whatever you're already doing, but adjust for a 2000 calories deficit. I recommend cutting your diet by about 500 calories, and finding the time to do about 1500 calories worth of exercise each day.

Not easy, but doable.

When training for the US Navy Seals how can I get more of a situp, pushup, and pullup count?

I'm not a SEAL and I've never been in the military.BUT...I've interviewed Admiral McRaven, Jocko Willink, Cade Courtley, Mark Divine, and several other elite warriors.And my Editor once had his sights set on being a SEAL (a goal he's since

How often should I do sit ups in a day?

I would suggest you must do sit ups not more than thrice a week. There is only one aspect been majorly considered towards sit ups that is you are working on your abs or stomach but at the same time you are also using your spine to flex forward, doing sit ups everyday or multiple times

Is New York City a terrible place to live?

The arrogance of these answers match the braggadocio of this city. If you haven't noticed that the answers are arrogant and kind of aggressive, then you'll probably be immune to New York's negative sides. I respect that, but it isn't me.There are three main arguments listed in the responses so far (all