How many calories should a 5.5 female eat in a day to lose weight?

Pick a target weight. Let's say it's 130 pounds - which would put you at about at the midpoint of the healthy BMI range. Enter that, along with your age into this calculator. Enter your real height and age, but enter the weight you want to be, not the weight you are. (Be sure to switch it to pounds, as the default is in kilograms, unless you have your weight in kilograms!) Select "Sedentary" in the box labeled "Current daily activity level", and scroll down and click the "Calculate" button.

You will see a page with two number on it. One is your basal metabolic rate at the weight that you want to be. The other is the estimated actual metabolic rate that a sedentary person of your age and height would have at your target weight. For a 30-year-old woman, 65 inches and 130 pounds, it is 1674 calories. Let's call this number [math]Limit_1[/math]

But now go back and put in your real weight, and your real activity level. (There are definitions of the levels on the page.) Get the numbers for that, too. Subtract 1000 from the actual metabolic rate that you get this way, and call that [math]Limit_2[/math].

Now, which of those two number, [math]Limit_1[/math] and [math]Limit_2 [/math]is bigger? Whichever one is it is, that's the lowest you should consider cutting your calorie intake to.

Can swimming help in reducing body fat, and most importantly belly fat?

Can You Lose Body Fat From Swimming?Swimming stays one of the greatest go-to exercises for anyone planning to lose body fat. You can lose more than 800 calories, based on your body weight, in an hour of vigorous lap swimming. If you are watching your daily diet, too, that can exercise to losing more

How many days in a week should I work out if want to lose weight?

The correct answer to this would depend on how much you eat.Step 1: Calculate the amount of calories you need to lose ~0.5kg a week. You can use any online app or calculator for this. Let's say this is X.Step 2: Calculate how many calories you eat in

How to stay consistent with my gym schedule

Maintaining regularity in going to gym can be maintained only if your body becomes an addict to the workout. I'm sharing my personal experience.In the first step you have to do full body workout for a month or so without even giving a sunday's break. You have to forcibly do this and speak to