How many cameos do you think Stan Lee pre-recorded before his death?

Three. In theory, we should see his cameos in Captain MARVEL, Avengers: 4 and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

He was known to fly out and then record multiple cameos in one shooting (normally aimed to be completed within one day as well).

Thinking about it, I think MARVEL may look to CGI Stan Lee into future films. The CGI of Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 7 was exceptionally good, albeit for a small scene/role, but then Stan Lee never had a huge role in the films either. Some people may take it to offence, because his legacy shouldn't be altered bla bla bla, but I think a lot of MARVEL fans would appreciate it and it's the least the company could do for him.

Are TV talk shows obsolete?

I don't think talk shows are obsolete in the way you're proposing. They still serve as a convenient outlet for news, lifestyle advice and amusing/light celebrity interviews. If you don't want to put forth any effort in finding those elements on your own, letting the day's talk shows wash over you can be an effective way of getting that

Does Kurkure cause cancer?

Kurkure does melt when you burn it, but again most of the salty snacks do the same. It burns because it contains carbohydrates. The plastic like substance that you see in kurkure is nothing but starch. The shiny plastic like look of kurkure is

Who invented notebook (paper)? Who invented ruled notebooks?

Funny question. It makes me think about inventions in general. I come to this answer, not complete but thats exactly the point here. Sometimes it is not possible to give an exact answer.There are 2 different kind of innovations, the ‘one person innovations', where we know exactly who did the invention, like Zuckerberg with his facebook. Here a