How many days should I practice intermittent fasting?

There isn't a specific time frame to practice intermittent fasting, if you have not tried it before you could start with 1 day in a week and see how it feels like for you.

The usual recommendations would be the 16:8 to start with as that tends to be the easiest recommendation to start with.

If would like something easier to start with, it could be at having your first meal an hour later compared to normal.

When that becomes super easy and you are confident, you can increase another hour to fasting period till you get to the 16 hours.

One thing to take note is that the fasting window would start 2–3 hours after your last meal, as food stays in the body for 2–3 hours before its digested, if not the fasting window is not 16 hours and something like 12/13 hours.

Can a step-parent get a child's custody after divorce from his spouse?

Though there could be no precedents about the same; but such a thing is not theoratically impossible. As the child custody law in India is governed by the sole principle of "Well being of the Minor". If the real parent is

What is the evidence for biological evolution and what is the evidence supporting creationism?

TL;DR: Evolution is both a fact and a theory. Furthermore, the emphasis on the term "theory" when referring to evolution is duplicitous (as is the term, "Darwinism"). This emphasis is intended to undermine the validity and truth of evolution.In a scientific context, evolution is a theory, just as the germ theory of disease as

How does each of the US military branches basic training compare to each other?

In terms of physical difficulty, it goes Air Force -> Navy -> Army -> Marine Corps.Other than that, each is tailored to the skill set needed for that branch.All of them are designed to grind up a group of individual civilians, mash them into pulp, and form that pulp into a unit comprised of military servicemembers. The