How many days should I work out?

I am proof that someone does not necessarily need to workout more than twice a week to get good results. If you're a competitor, then there can be a different approach to time spent working out.

This is a great question; very intriguing.

Very often, we spend a lot of time talking about what one should do while in the gym. Of equal importance is the time you spend out of the gym. While the workout itself is responsible for stimulating changes in your body; it is actually your body itself that produces those changes.

How much time one needs to workout is critically a very important issue. Exercise can not only serve to stimulate physical adaptations, it can prevent them.

Therefore knowing how much stimulation your body needs is the most essential knowledge when it come to physical development.

What matters most when it comes to timing your workouts is your recovery. You should worry more about how many days your body needs to fully recover instead of how many days you need to workout.

I have found through experience that most adults require at minimum 4 days for their body to fully recover. For I only workout twice a week. If I workout on Monday, I'm off Tues, Wed, Thurs, Frid, and I workout again on Sat. And I take the required amount of time to fully recover my body again.

It workout pretty well for me:

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