How many hours a week should an average person work out for?

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I assume that you are a working person who has a 9 -6 job or an individual who is short on time or is not so inclined on working out.

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Well what if I say 5 minutes for 3 times in a week is all it takes to be fit and healthy. Simple as it may sound but let me explain.

Understand that being fit and healthy should not be a one time thing it should be for lifetime. Therefore in order to be fit you need to lead a healthy lifestyle rather than hastily taking up a fad diet or any work out program etc.

In order to be fit and healthy you need to adopt a lifestyle which lets you achieve it and more importantly keep it. Eat good and healthy food. Avoid refined sugar and processed foods. For Example potatoes are good but not potato chips.

Therefore a good Nutrition plan complemented by a practical workout plan which you can stick to for long can help you achieve your goal of staying fit and healthy.

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