How many hours would it take to walk 11 miles?

On a flat surface, assuming no breaks or stopping, in moderate weather (i.e. not blazing hot or freezing cold), I would say about 3.5 hours.

11 miles is a long way to go on foot, particularly for those people who are not accustomed to going that distance.

For an average person, even if they can comfortably walk one, two or three miles, by the end of 11 miles, I can pretty guarantee their feet will be aching during those last few miles. As such, their enthusiasm and walking speed will be greatly reduced toward the end. Quite possibly, they could be thinking, "Why did I do such a stupid thing?" Ask me how I know all these things.

All those things considered, I think a three mile per hour average seems reasonable for most people.

Qualifications: I've walked 11 miles. It wasn't fun.

What is the best way to reduce thighs? Is it elliptical or cycling?

Losing Bodyfat.A few seconds devoted to rational thought reveals that muscles use fuel brought to them by the bloodstream, and the bloodstream comes from and goes to the whole body. Both fat and sugar are the fuel sources, depending on the intensity

Can an Indian husband forgive his wife after cheating?

If my wife cheats me, I would forgive her. The promise during marriage is to stand by her in any situation. This is one where you should show that you keep your part of promise. Never think on the lines that if she doesn't keep her promise, so why should I. Forgive her, try finding the root

Did Tom Petty have a heart attack because of drugs?

The most common way for opioids to cause death is by impairing respiration, including edema (swelling with fluid) of the lungs. He had also taken two benzodiazepines, one short and fast-acting, the other being activated and persisting in the body more gradually. This class of meds