How many jumping jacks can the average person do in a row?

It depends on the BMI of a particular person. I think if higher the BMI the less he/she can make a jumping jack in a row however it really depends on the person how many he/she can make. While the lower the BMI the multitudinous he/she can make. So let's make it complex, with the average person can do jumping jacks in a row I think the best way to answer that is at least 100. It really relies upon on the person how much he can do, despite being an average person he/she has vices hence there is no exact number of much he/she can do.

-My own opinion

How to stop my father yelling at my mother

Signs of Abuse and Abusive Relationships You are in a difficult situation which at that moment you cannot engineer an escape. I suggest you call one of the crisis hotlines in the webpage. These are people with extensive experience in your situation. They will have resources gained from

How to deal with your mother-in-law living with you

When I saw top answers, I wanna laugh! You people are so naive!It all depends on what a person your mother-in-law is. If she treats you like a daughter with love, there will be no problem whatsoever! But if she sees you like an enemy who took her son, she still hate you and will continue picking on

What misconceptions do people have about Generation Z?

What does ‘everyone' misunderstand about the social cohort some have tentatively named Gen Z?That we can't possibly know enough about the cohort to make any sensible judgements or predictions?After all, it's a media confection, confabulation or fantasy, not an established, rigorously analysed or consensus-based social cohort.Which is fine, it is what it is. Maybe