How many kilometers can I walk per day without losing weight?

i dont understand what youre askingdo you want to remain the same weight and are asking how far you can walk without losng any ?

you can walk as much as you like as long as you eat back the calories burned accordingly

if youre asking how many miles to walk to lose weight ,the answer could be none or fifty....depends on your calorie intake and expenditure ,with a nailed in diet you need little to no exercise to acheive good weight loss.the cardio is the extra once your diet is right....dont try to lose weight purely by exercising and not cutting any calories because you are in for a slow weight loss and a very very busy exercise schedule

Does the exercise 'wall angels' really fix posture?

Absolutely they can help.  Wall angels are a wonderful upper back strengthening  exercise.  EXCEPT...Most people with terrible posture are actually not ready for this exercise. If you stand against the wall and need to bring your feet more than 4 inches forward off the wall, OR you can't get the back of your head against the wall without

How to physically exercise my brain

By exercising your brain, I assume you mean

What is cognitive decline? How can you protect your brain from cognitive decline?

My answer will be focusing on what you can do about decline:change your diet: suppress refine sugar based and favorize plant base diet with good macro balance. Why? The health of your gut defines you general level of happiness and serotonin level, happy gut, happy brain, hapoy healthSleep enough and well. Everyone knows it, but