How many of you have traveled solo?

Hey, i love solo travel and cant recommend it enough to people. Here's a list of benefits:

  • you don't need to compromise for anyone else
  • you have to put yourself out there
  • therefore you will meet more people
  • its much more rewarding
  • you make your own schedule
  • you are more approachable to other traveller
  • you become more independent

It can be a scary prospect, especailly if you've never done it before. To many it sounds alien but i promise you, its so amazing. I have started a blog, and one of the posts is about how to enjoy travelling solo. Please have a read if you've time and give me some feedback.

Solo Backpacker Trip - 8 of My Top Tips - a journey into the unknown


My journey as a "Crazy Wanderer" began 8 months ago. I was on trail to Rishikesh, a city tagged as a hub for Yoga and meditation courses in India. I was in Rishikesh to attend a Yoga course. I have always believed that Yoga brings spirituality and helps developing strong inner physique. To read more visit this link. My First Solo Trip to Rishikesh. Revealing the Crazy Wanderer Hidden Inside

I usually travel solo. And I find it very convenient to be with myself. 

In last month (Dec 2014), I travelled to Cochin & Alleppey (Kerala, India) alone for a week. It was a nice experience. I did a lot of things in this journey (Clicked more than 4500 pics). Watched my co-passengers and tried to understand them.

Once I was on the journey of New Delhi - Chennai in 2009. I met a girl with her family. We talked nicely for 2 days journey and we are still nice friend.

Once I travelled to Chennai - Jodhpur by bus (break journey). It was awesome to be in bus for nearly 54 hours. That was longest bus journey by me.
Last October I traveled solo first time in my life. My experience was mind blowing. I traveled to Jaipur, Udaipur & Jaisalmer. I got the opportunity to explore these three places and met new people, even I made new friends there. I was free to do anything, free to move any place, no limitations. I enjoyed my life with full freedom. Best part of my life...
How many countries were ruled by the British Empire?

"were"An incomplete list, form one time or another:Settler Colonies:Canada, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Australia, Falkland IslandsBritish Raj: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,  Burma, Afghanistan (kinda), Conquered territories: Malaysia,Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq,  Jordan, Jamaica, Nigeria, Namibia, Rhodesia, Kenya, Sudan,

How to explain to someone that doesn't believe in God that God is real

Just show them.I appreciate your frustration with religious leaders who insist that showing them passages of scripture will convince them. After all, showing someone a Harry Potter book clearly isn't enough to convince someone that wizards are real.So, just show that all those things in the Bible are obviously true. For example, good things happen to good people, bad

What would have happened if Hitler declared victory in Europe, and did not attack Britain?

He was at war with Britain as soon as he did not meet the deadline given to him for withdrawal from Poland. Any victory in Europe declaration by him would have been hollow as the British began daily bomber attacks against ports and factories in Germany and tightened the blockade at Sea.