How many parts does Black Panther movie has?

I'd say the standard 3 parts to a story. Part one intros T'Challa following Marvel's Civil War, showcases Wakanda and his becoming King, following his father's death. Part two intros Killmonger, the villain of the movie & sets up T'Challa's inner conflict with secrets of the past. The first battle between hero & villain doesn't end well. Part three ties everything together, and features the rematch between T'Challa & Killmonger. There may be plot holes, and problems here and there, but what movie is perfect. Black Panther is very cool & entertaining.

What caused the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster?

The main physical cause of the shuttle breaking up was a piece of foam from the left bipod ramp of the external tank breaking off 81 seconds into launch and striking RCC panel 8, leaving a 6–10″ hole in the lower half of the

Which job can I get if I take computer maths in 11th?

Listen my friend if you are thinking that if you take maths and computer as a subject you will land up a job after class XII, you are very wrong. To land up in a job you have to pursue BCA or Btech or BE which requires the above subjects mentioned is then

Why do you think there are so few women in filmmaking?

Agenda. Historically men were business owners and creators. Today things have and are changing.In a previous answer someone stated the word cringe when a woman had made the film. That comes from knowing most of the creators have an AGENDA of promoting LGBT, feminist, degrading masculinity. NOT all but most.Strong story without an agenda is always good for entertainment.