How many people in India use electric cars, and how many use Tesla?

There is increased trend of using electric Cars in urban areas but the numbers are very low. Some companies offer you free parking and free electricity. Govt also offers subsidy for electric vehicles. But the standard of electric cars are very poor. ONLY one fully electric car is available in India. Though there is a push from govt there isn't much going on. Teslas are still a dream in India. There are a very few hybrid vehicles in India and are ready are ridiculously expensive.

Not enough people in India use EV. Not because they would like to but because there isn'T enough choice on vehicles and the infrastructure for charging is simply not there. Also most people are discouraged due to range anxiety.

Is there a difference between Marvel and DC Comics' philosophy?

If I had to boil it down, I would say that Marvel is more character driven and DC is more archetype driven. But I should probably expand on that:DCTo be clear, I'm not saying that DC doesn't care about characterization; The Man Who Falls

What are some amazing movies on Netflix and Hulu?

To be honest, I like Hulu if we talk about entertainment service in this century, but people who are interested in old movies like 70`s, 80`s and 90`s then Netflix is the only best option to use. Netflix has a good archive of old movies which are very rare to find on internet.Good movies definition depends on choice.Action