How many politicians in India are honest to the core?

I have read on multiple accounts that Dr Manmohan Singh is a very honest bureaucrat. It is difficult to call him a politician, but he has held more public offices than a number of politicians combined. And hence, his name deserves a mention.

Now ofcourse, there will be a rant from people about his role in UPA-II. It can be agreed that he is partly to blame, given he was the PM and should have managed things better.

But the question here is of individual ‘honesty' - and it is not that Dr Singh presided over an organized loot. It is just that he was at the helm of a very tricky political situation of coalitions, managing that would be a daunting task for even a more seasoned politician.

With that said, Dr Singh's personal integrity has been hailed even by his sharpest critics. And that, after a career spanning decades. In fact most accounts would also tell you that he very passionately believes in the development goals set by his work in office, and even in the good work done by other governments, and is driven towards progress and welfare of the people.

I am sure history will judge him kindly, and with much more respect than he gets now.

It is sad to see that we, the younger lot, are blinded so much by social-media glitz, that we have learnt to mock a man with such integrity and knowledge, just because he did not entertain us every fortnight on Radio (which he was not required to as per the law).

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