How many spouses or partners have told the truth about cheating to their spouse/partner?

I have never cheated on my husband. I don't get cheating on one another. My husband has cheated and multiple times. I have proof and I am waiting on him to confess. Why because I want to know if he has a conscience and if he is remorseful for what he has done. I am just giving a small amount of time and also to get my shit together just in case when and if I do leave.

What useful skill can I learn while I am walking?

Oh well, since you still have a huge control over your attention while walking, you can apply the Socratic Method to inquire about, say, quadratic factorisation or mental calculus. But then, anything pertaining to knowledge acquisition goes, whether it's philosophy

What are some Low cost healthy foods as per Indian Diet?

India is a hub for different types of recipes, especially yesteryears generation recipes are too healthy compared to our today's food.But we have many very good healthy and simple with tasty recipes.we have our own Indian style recipes just we need to know the difference between healthy and

My husband is becoming more and more needy. He travels for a living and wants to come home again after a two-month stay and being away for 2 weeks. All he ever does is lay around and not work I can't afford to support us. What do I do?

So this travelling for a living is not making a livingIt is true that you need to state what needs to happen.Someone not contributing is not being a good partner.When he returns expect contribution. Don't just pay for everything regardlessStop