How many sun masses equal a neutron star?

There is an answer in Wikipedia:

"A neutron star has a mass of at least 1.1 and perhaps up to 3 solar masses (M☉). The maximum observed mass of neutron stars is about 2.01 M☉. But in general, compact stars of less than 1.39 M☉ (the Chandrasekhar limit) are white dwarfs, whereas compact stars with a mass between 1.4 M☉ and 3 M☉ (the Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff limit) should be neutron stars (though there is an interval of a few tenths of a solar mass where the masses of low-mass neutron stars and high-mass white dwarfs can overlap). Between 3 M☉and 5 M☉, hypothetical intermediate-mass stars such as quark stars and electroweak stars have been proposed, but none have been shown to exist. Beyond 10 M☉ the stellar remnant will overcome the neutron degeneracy pressure and gravitational collapse will usually occur to produce a black hole, though the smallest observed mass of a stellar black hole is about 5 M☉."

- Neutron star - Wikipedia

Why are Z fighters getting weaker in Dragon Ball Super?

Well 1 they are getting older. Remember for the humans they are getting into their 40s now.2. Some justice retired. Krillin got out of shape compared to everyone else because he stopped training and Yamaha is also retired.3. I wouldn't say they are

Who would win, SSGSS Goku vs Alien X?

alien x will obviously win this because now Ben 10 can control the power of the 2 faces which enables him to control or create reality(However he doesn't get full control as the little gods who control the tournament which makes it an oblivious win

If Bollywood is making a biopic on Baichung Bhutia, then which actor will play the role of Baichung Bhutia, and who will be the director of the biopic?

I think making a Baichung Bhutia biopic is hugely important for our movie industry because the man has consistently provided for Indian football. As far as casting goes, I wish it is culturally appropriate and portrayed by someone who is of the same ethnicity as Baichung. Because I am done with Bollywood actors bastardizing roles that are of