How many vacation days can I get off working retail? I work at a retail store (not a manager). I was thinking for about 6 days. There's no vacation time system or PTO. it's all up to the manager.

You've put the answer in your question: it's all up to the manager.

Usually there's a vacation or PTO system which has guidelines to inform you of this, but if there isn't one, then it can based on your job and your management. The best solution would be to have the dates that you want planned out, as well as the reason why, and to sit down with your manager to talk it out.

What are some common misconceptions about Thailand?

I lived in Thailand for almost two years. These are my thoughts:All the women are whores and/or have a price for sex. You do hear people say this when you are there, and it is more an indication of where these men

How to reduce waist from 39 inch to 34 inch in a short time

You could do that in 4–5 months.. Anything lesser than that is either impossible or too risky.I recently reduced from 39.5 to 31 (target is 29).. My weight fell from 76 to 61.5. I started by mid of January 2018 and it is now June 6th 2018. My Fat % is still at 19... Once

What is your embarassing moment after marriage?

I am the youngest child of my parents, have been immensely pampered. It really took me a long, to leave all my childish acts. My innocence could be easily identified in a conversation.So when I got married, my mom was anxious about our life in Bangalore. The house, my hubby had booked, was available only after 15