How many wars did America lose and how many other countries were invaded by America?

I genuinely cannot understand how people can claim that Vietnam was not a defeat.

Failed to achieve military objectives.
Failed to achieve political objectives.
Failed to conduct the war in a moral fashion.

Claiming that it was only a "political" defeat implies that victory might have been achieved if the military had stuck it out.

This is not true.

The US dropped more bombs than all of WW2 and still couldn't win.

They killed around 2 MILLION people and still couldn't win.

American analysts at the time stated openly that victory was difficult to achieve because the "North" Vietnamese enjoyed ‘massive popular support'.

And that's just another way of saying that the people of the country wanted America out.

Which makes sense, since just a few years previously the two countries had been one.

Let's be clear about what happened:
Vietnam was colonised by France.
The Vietnamese forced France out.
The US split Vietnam into two sections.
The people of Vietnam objected, and forced America out.
Vietnam was repaired from being artificially split in two.

That's the Vietnam war.

You can't win a war against against an entire population without resorting to genocide. And while US troops did try their hands at a little ‘light genocide' in civilian enclaves it thankfully did not become policy.

In every sense that matters it was a loss.

Then there's the Korean War which ended in a tie with China.

And if one looks at all of the proxy wars and terrorist actions the US conducted against countries all over the world, primarily in South America, then the list grows ever larger and more blood-soaked.

Americans will sometimes try to get around this by claiming theses "weren't really wars".

But here's the thing: the Vietnam was was primarily a war against an insurgency. And it was definitely war.

Therefore, other conflicts that were primarily fought against insurgencies can also be called ‘wars', and rightly so.

And many of these actions (for example the ‘Bay of Pigs' debacle) were definitely "losses".

Of course, when one looks at wars fought by US-backed fascists and terrorists one finds that those wars were usually won by America and its allies.


Let's take just a few examples.

Guatemala: popular democratic government destroyed by US-backed fascists to protect the profits of US companies that pretty-much enslaved the population.

Iran: democratically-elected socialist government overthrown by the CIA, replaced by the Shah who sold out his country and oppressed its populace until replaced by the Ayatollah Khamenei. At which point things got even worse, for everyone.

Haiti: the CIA helped a brutally repressive dictator (Duvalier) to create a massive deathsquad that was even larger than the country's army. It murdered thousands of civilians in a reign of terror that paralyzed the country, and supported US interests.

Brazil: democratic government ousted by CIA-backed coup. Leading to the largescale looting of the economy by US companies and brutal repression of the population.

And on, and on, and on.

So yes, the USA usually wins their wars to support fascists, dictators, and terrorists.


35 countries where the U.S. has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists

USA did not lose any war, militarily. War of 1812 came close.  Vietnam was not a military failure, but political defeat.
It is very hard to give the full list of countries USA went to war against
I am trying to be chronological here and avoiding most minor actions and CIA induced military coups..
1. Britain, the independence war
2. Several Indian nations. They were not part of USA, untill Indians were killed by US infantry and territory taken.
3. France (Quasi-War)
4. Britain and Canada (war of 1812)
5. Mexico (1844)
6. Spain (war of 1898, Spain ceded Puerto Rico, along with the Philippines and Guam, then under Spanish sovereignty, to the U.S.)
7. China (Marines sent to quell Boxer Rebellion)
8. Philippines (Philippine–American War)
9.  Military involvements in Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Cuba.
10. WW 1 
11. WW 2
12. Korean war
13  Vietnam war.
14. Bombing against  Laos and Cambodia.
15. Cuba (Bay of Pigs invasion)
16. Dominican republic (Operation Power Pack)
17. Grenada
18. Iraq and Kuwait - First Iraq war
19. Yugoslavia
20. Afghanistan
21. Again Iraq

The Vietnam War - yes, we won most of the battles (those who think we never lost a battle need to look at battles such as Landing Zone Albany following the Battle of the Id Drang), but we lost the war. Wars are more than military exercises, but are also exercises in politics and economics. We lost the war politically and a political loss is still a loss, even when you inflict much greater casualties on the enemy and win most of the battles.

The War of 1812 - If the British wanted to they could have recolonized the United States. Warfare in 1812, 1813, and 1814 produced a series of very bad military disasters. Our attempts to invade Canada were nothing more than comical, with American militia commanders refusing to cross international borders during a time of war. The Races at Bladensburg should still be remembered as a national disgrace as the American army fleeing at the sight of the British army resulted in the burning of Washington, D.C. And, our best win - the Battle of New Orleans - came two weeks after the peace treaty ending the war was signed in Paris. Luckily, for the United States, England was in a series of minor disagreements with this French chap named Napoleon. Although the British would beat Napoleon, the wars financially broke the British government and England was generally weary of war by 1815. As a result, the British, who dominated the War of 1812, let everything return to the status antebellum.

Red Cloud's War - fought shortly after the end of the American Civil War, the Sioux forced the United States to recognize their sovereignty over the Powder River Valley. About a decade later, the Sioux would lose the Powder River.

Second and Third Seminole Wars - the United States tried to evict the Seminoles from Florida, but the tribe retreated deeper into the Everglades. American commanders eventually declared victory and left the tribe in place.

Various Indian wars, particularly against the Comanche and Apaches in the Southwest. From the 1820s onward, white settlers fought against tribes in the Southwest, with the tribes frequently winning. It wasn't until the 1870s that the United States was able to control those areas.

As I recall the British tried to take America back after the Canadian offensive and were repulsed during the War of 1812. The War of 1812 was a draw until the Battle of New Orleans in which the British were soundly defeated. That basically gave the War an air of of American Victory. Even today when I talk to British Soldiers they even admit being defeated twice.

Revolutionary War Overwhelming/Costly Victory

War of 1812 Minor Victory

Mexican War Overwhelming Victory

Plains Indian Wars Overwhelming Victory

Civil War NA

Final Indian Campaigns Overwhelming Victory

Spanish American War Overwhelming Victory

Phillipines War Costly Victory

World War 1 Overwhelming Victory

World War 2 Overwhelming Victory

Korean War Cease Fire still holding

Vietnam War Defeat

Gulf War Overwhelming Victory


Iraq Campaign Costly Victory

Afghanistan Campaign Costly Victory

2nd Afghanistan Campaign still on going

ISIS Campaign Overwhelming Victory

North Africa Campaign Victory

Phillipines Campaign Overwhelming Victory

Sudan Campaign on going

Horn of Africa Campaign on going

Yemen Campaign Overwhelmin Victory

The problem with the Vietnam War was that it had a flawed body count strategy.

Sure we dropped more bombs on SE Asia then all of WW2. But that was mostly on empty jungle. North Vietnamese Cities barely sustained any damage. It wasn't a city carpet bombing war like WW2. Cut off the supply trails in Laos and Cambodia with troops holding grown and obliterate North Vietnamese Cities without pause and the War would have been won. Even NVA Commanding General Giap said so in his Biography. That's why the Wars outcome is so hard to except. Polticians and poor strategy kept the Americans from accomplishing Victory. After the major Communist Defeat during Tet 1968 and the Easter Offensive 1972 it would have been difficult for the NVA to have obtained victory if it had not been for the US Congress cutting off all military aid to South Vietnam in 1974.

A better way to phrase it would be did America not win any war? Well they have. The War of 1812 against British North America(Canada). The Vietnam War is another defeat although many "Egoistic" Americans say it was a political defeat as the military was attacking. Another thing is that the proxy wars between USSR and USA. Cuba is another that wasn't counted. USSR defeats were wins for the US but USSR wins were not defeats for the US. Egotism is big for the US because it is the strongest nation in the world but being contested by China. Sorry I don't have the list of countries America invaded

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