How many years do you think it takes to have the ability to completely change as a person in an enduring and fundamental way?

In my humble opinion I dont think there is any annual minimums set on personal growth. I'm not sure one can competely change either. You can change the way you think, the way you react, your attitude, your outlook, Etc but you can't completely change who you are as a person because your experiences are what made you how you were. That doesn't mean you can't alter yourself and fix some things that you don't like about yourself but to completely change I think is to lose yourself completely. I think change happens as soon as you make the decision to walk a different path than the one you were previously on. It's a conscious decision, a choice to to be different and when your brain gets in line with your decision and starts thinking that way, reacting that way, and looking at things that way then it's done. Time is the true test of all personal growth like this but I think that as soon as you make the decision to go forward with it and take that first step you've changed as long as you don't revert back to old habits and old patterns that you were trying to change about yourself. Other people may require a length of time to go by in order for them to fully believe and get behind your change or personal growth but that's their hang-up, not yours. I think complete change is almost impossible because your experiences are what made you unique on this Earth. There is no complete change, there's only the desire to change and the courage to act on it with those two things anything is Possible

Research suggests that the 10,000 hour rule is a decent rule of thumb. So a full time job is about 2000 hours a year or 5 years of 40 hour a week work to develop a solid new habit or lifestyle. A serious hobby is about 750 hours a year or it takes 12 years to engrave a new habit.

Obviously, this 10,000 hour average has a large standard deviation based on a person's intellect, focus, discipline and talents.

So it's safe to say that depending on the significance and difficulty of your changes 3–15 years.

Sorry. Nothing worth anything is easy.

10 years or 10,000 yours OR in an instant if you experience a transformative experience. Like knowing God. Falling in love.

To have change you need change.

Change in habits, routeens, thoughts, friends, in what your listening to or reading. Even the way you dress.

It all depends on the person's desire to make them and persevere as well as the type of ecouragement the person gets.

If the person keeps practicing good habbits, they will become permanent.

What are some life/hostel/study hacks that can help MBA students?

Start observing everyone. Start looking at people how they are learning, how they are doing, What is their approach. Ask questions. Answer people's questions. Involve in debates.