How might life be better today if Germany and Japan had won ww2?

It is almost impossible for most people to disentangle themselves from what is perceived to be so and what actually... is. For example, any object going the speed of light ceases to exist, how then can we prove its existence? The vast majority of people base what they believe to be true on what others in "authority" tell them WITHOUT doing any investigation on their own to discover if what they have been told IS IN FACT true. This sets up a terrible situation where huge numbers of people-read society-can easily manipulated.

Please thoughtfully consider my preface while reading the following. I wouldn't want you to be one of the unfortunate people indicated.

Hitler was a socialist Mussilini was the fascist. Hitler offered generous peace terms 6 times. While in the drivers seat after the fall of France, he offered peace, but Churchill would have none of it. The worst time to be attacked is when you are about to attack since all of your assets are bunched together to break through the enemy. That is why soooooooo much Russain material and men were taken right at the beginning--Russia was just a short time away from attacking Germany, so Hitler's was a preemptive stike. Over 150,000 Jews served in Germany's army including a Field Marshal, many gernerals and other officers.

This is just a small sampling of what I have discovered on my own. It is out there for those who really what to know as opposed to those who would just rather be told what to think.

So, how would life be better? It is almost impossible to say with any certainty exactly, but we can speak in broad terms.

Hitler was a vegegtarian and nondrinker. So I suppose that would be encouraged.

Families were important and would continue to be so. Now, there are those who wish to PC the term "start a family" because they think it is hurtfull. Yeah I know...insane. Just like the stupidity of allowing men in womens dressing rooms and bathrooms. :/

More acceptance of other nationalities. The SS was the most diversely integrated "unit" of ANY army-Muslims, Africans, asians and many nationalities. The US still wouldn't let blacks and whites fight together! And Hitler was the racist !?

More culture. Hitler was an artist and understood the power of beauty and its enobling effect on people.

More prosperity. THE great sin Hitler commited was to free the people from finacial bondage to the banks. Much like J.F.K. tried to do for two months before he was assasinated. Hitler did as Benjamin Franklin said was done in the colonies before the American Revolution-print the money (work certificates) to reflect the work of the people and there was NO poverty. Hitler took that same idea and THAT is how Germany went from bottom of the heap to the pinnacle in 6 short years. And that is what they wish to STILL keep hid from the people the means to be TRULLY free is to be finacialy free. AND that is why Hitler must be destroyed. To keep this knowledge from the people, so they never suspect nor discover the answer to his economic "miracle". It is no miracle just do the same as Abe. Lincoln print Green Backs to meet the needs of the Gov. That is how he won the War Between the States.

Tzar Nicholas II

Abe. Lincoln

James Garfield

W. Mckinnly



Senator Tafficant

Senator McFadden

What do they all have in common? They all crossed the bank.

Yes, life would be different; however, not in the way most people think it would be.

And, yes, I know most peole will misinterpret what I've said here...but I already mentioned them in the preface. ;)

I don't wish to offend. Some of these answers will be controversial, but I will try to point out the theoretical positive aspects of what may have been horrific choices.

By Germany eliminating a large number of people (the type in Kolin's answer), a burden on Germany and possibly a large number of other countries would be reduced, helping respective states and their economies.

The prospect of global national-socialism would potentially improve industry to a higher efficiency, technology, education, and even ecology and environmentalism may improve. The military, police, and intelligence services would employ many more people.

In the South Pacific, or areas of Japanese control, education would also be better. People maybe eating healthier, given the vegetarian influence of Hitler, and the seafood and rice diet of Japan. Obesity maybe rare.

Employment maybe very low or almost non-existent.

The state would have an overbearing but sometimes healthy influence on peoples lives.

Public dissent and crime would be low, a sense of solidarity and unity maybe high.

Overpopulation wouldn't exist.

It would be precise and efficient. It would be smart, not sloppy; the theory behind it is that ww2 was a Jewish Zionist plot to allow the election of elect Hitler as their lap dog to exterminate stray Jews throughout Europe that have gone astray from the main goals of their beliefs. Because they knew they couldn't lose (Jews run America) they knew the totalitarian outcome (Hiroshima, Nagasaki) from the beginning. Altogether after their goal was achieved in Europe, they nuked rising powers in the east to slow their economic progress. Basically, Hitler wouldn't give up his anti Semitic beliefs that easily and would go for world domination. We would be united as one, not hundreds of bickering nobody's held together by legislative pieces of paper...

Let say this is because Japan didn't attack Pearl Harbour so US didn't intervene. The result would be

No Stalin or Mao. That are big big plus in term of human casualties..

Possibly cold war with axis because Germany certainly had capability to develop nuke if they defeated Soviet . Chinese would try to win freedom from Japan and Russian would be doing the same so the death toll would probably be the same in long run.

In a way, instead of Eastern block, you have Axis block. Would America eventually prevailed without absence of any "western" allies?

I'm not quite sure if it would've been better, really.

Homosexuals, the disabled, Jews, and the Gypsies/Roma would all be dead or, especially in the Slav's case, in labor camps. Africans would likely be killed off as well. The world might be a more unified place, I guess. You have the 3rd Reich collaborating with Spain, Italy, and Japan as the world powers, so no one can really fight them unless the affected populations rebel. Thinking about it though, if Germany took over, I find it likely that in maybe a decade or more (wild guess) the secrets of German Engineering and Craftsmenship would have been shared with the new additions to the empire, so maybe world industry would be better? Maybe?

This is hard, man, I just don't think that given everything we have now in a world without the Axis powers that a world WITH them would be great.

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