How might the internet influence society over the next century?

The digitisation of knowledge exposes history to revisionism at a pace that is becoming increasingly harder to validate. It is likely society will continue to be influenced by fake past as much as fake news does today. Even moreso once AI is fully unleashed as a weapon by those actors pushing competing narratives for future hearts and minds.

The internet itself, not much. The internet already exists and does its own thing. What will affect the use of the internet is what's going to change over time. Creating faster internet, using programs and servers, upgrading e-commerce, stuff like that.

What are good and bad life choices?

Bad life choices are those that ultimately bring more pain and negativity to you and others than pleasure and positivity, wheares good choices are the opposite. Say, for example, you decide to try cocaine. The immediate effects are a lot of pleasure. In the long run though, that one decision often leads people into crippling debt, into

If my phone is in flight mode, will it emit radiation?

No they don't.Why?Because when the phone is being switched off or put into airplane mode,it sends a  "switched off "signal to the nearest MSO (A co-ordinating office for transferring phone calls).Now,the MSO updates the status of your phone number as "switched off".So when anybody calls you, it first goes to the MSO

How to track someone with their cell phone

Yes, you can. IMEI acts as an unique identifier for a cell phone. Tracking by online tool or IMEI is especially helpful when the SIM card has been replaced and it is possible to track by phone number.How can you track someone cell phone?IMEI makes use of