How much blood will there be if one dies from hitting one's head on the floor?

If you die from hitting your head, the blood that kills you is on the INSIDE of the skull. Death from head injury normally occurs due to pressure building up from bleeding or swelling inside the brain. The skull is hard, so the pressure does not get relieved without surgical treatment to release the pressure.
If you bleed from a head being hit, it is usually a scalp injury. The scalp will bleed a lot and nobody ever died from a scalp injury. Well, it could get infected or something, but realistically, the scalp is easy to sew back together.
If you hit hard enough that the skull breaks open and the brains are exposed, which does sometimes happen due to a gunshot or a bike accident with no helmet, then....often there is not that much blood but when you see the pink material through the skull you know that it is really, really, bad.
It depends on the nature of the injury. If it is a closed head injury, meaning that there is no opening in the skull but the head hit hard enough to result in swelling of the brain, then you'll have no bleeding at all. If it's an open head injury, you could have a great deal of bleeding.
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It's better to deal with your parents. They can handle it .believe them. And if you are too worried to talk to them ,u can consult a doctor alone first and if there is any problem share with your parents.Anyways my prayers for better relief.God bless u.

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