How much can social media marketers make?

You make a lot, like really a lot but it takes efforts and learning. There are also different ways to do social media marketing, but they have one common principle - to share great content. If you can't make great unique content then your marketing will definitely not going to work.

The scale of how much you can make vary from what you are marketing. If you are marketing for other's products, then you'd still have more than enough for a living considering that you'd succeed. If you are the owner of the product, you'd definitely become rich.

Well, promising but not very easy. Though, we have all-in-one marketing and sales software now like EngageBay. This will help you a lot in many ways about marketing and business management. Take note that this software is not just about marketing, but everything about online business. It is a tool that will automate or do the work for you, like your partner in business. This make things a lot easier and with less effort, hence, save more time.

This depends on what the market of the company is worth, not just the number of followers an influencer has, per social network. If you gain and keep a following that would likely buy something that isn't worth much, doesn't cost much (and that they do not often buy), then monetizing your influence is probably not worthwhile.

So, for example, your hypothetical influencer has one million followers, and has high engagement, if he if teaching calligraphy, well, pen, ink, paper companies might sponsor him, but their market does not pay much.

On the other hand, if his niche is makeup for transgender Asians, well, makeup is expensive, and thus, he would likely be able to charge far more.

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Like most professions, there is an element of ‘how long is a piece of string' concerning pay scales depending on a variety of factors.

But, as a guide, this resource will help:

Social Media Marketing Manager Salary

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I am pleased to answer that by doing social media marketing you can earn both name and money for yourself provided you are up to date with all the latest trends on the social media. At the same time if you are lost in this regard and need help then you can get help from any digital marketing company, which can guide you in this regard. All the best.

I'll give you a rough estimate...

You can make as little $2000 a month if your just doing it on the side helping local businesses to to as much as $20,000k a month if your working with larger oranisatitons and medium size businesses.

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