How much carbs, fat and protein should I eat to gain muscle?

Are you a beginner or do you already have some training experience? Whatever the answer, in this article you will read tips for anyone who wants to build beautiful muscles. Building muscles in a healthy way, with minimal chance of overtraining and injuries.

Runners are dead runners, so never try Jay Cutler to follow his training schedule, because then you come home from cold funfair. Professionals have also built it up slowly. Furthermore, they have an above-average talent for muscle building, and let us not forget that they use muscle enhancers.

Follow the next 10 steps and the growth can start .....

1. Build your strength: More strength is more muscle! So strength training with the emphasis on strength! Weight training with dumbells, rods or your own weight. Start with light weights and always go a little heavier.

· Weight training. Start with an empty rod. Make sure you have mastered the movement. A good execution is worth gold. If you can dream the movement, you go a little bit heavier every exercise, make sure your body has to work.

· Training with your body weight. Training with your own weight is an excellent way to supplement your schedule. These exercises can be a great advance for you. Pull up, dipping, pressing and hanging kneeraises.

2. Train without machines . Use rods and dumbells and switch them whenever possible. If you train biceps, triceps or chest, it is good to use dumbells. This way both sides of your body receive sufficient attention. If you train with a bar, you often push the hardest with your strongest side. You know about those guys who are very busy with bench presses with a slanting rod. Make sure you are not that guest! Symmetry is a beautiful goal.

Training with machines is unnatural. They force you into a standard attitude. Every body is different, with free weights your body keeps its natural position. This way you are free to make natural movements. So less chance of injuries. With loose weights you learn to keep balance and control your muscles. If you choose to train at home, a rod with some discs is ideal. You can do almost all exercises with one bar and a few challenging weights.

3. Be inventive. If you really want to make progress, exchange exercises with less popular exercises. To breed muscles, you often do endless bicep curls. To build triceps you often do triceps kickbacks or the pushdowns. Leg training often consists of Legcurl, leg extensions and that eternal Legpress. Dare to choose a different exercise than the standard to raise your muscle building to a higher level.

· Chin-ups & Pull-ups for your Biceps

· Narrow bench press & Dipping for Triceps

· Squats and deadlifts for large leg muscles.

4. No muscle building without legs!

Squats the mother of all exercises. Unfortunately the most maligned, why? It hurts and when you do well the lead and lead is heavy. But if you accept that this is the best exercise that exists and will do it, then great things will happen to you physically.

The squat is the icing on the cake. He works throughout your body. You exert all your muscles in this exercise not only your legs, your entire body pushes that rod up. If your lower body is strong then you can perform all exercises better than before. Your upper body is supported by your lower body. So you can also tackle your bicep curls more heavily because you have started squatting.

Do this exercise with 1.5 x your body weight for 12 weeks and you will be amazed by your appearance and your progress with other muscle groups.

NB: Do not forget that we are talking about squats with a loose rod, forget the Smith machine.

Deadlifts is exercise number 2 for your body. Deadlift, like the squat, also taxes your entire body. But you have to do it correctly otherwise you will soon have an ugly injury. So ask someone who has a good command of the Deadlift to explain it well and to see if you do it well. The day after three good sets, you do not know what you are going through. Does not matter, pain is weakness what the body leaves.

5. Take your rest! Muscles do not grow at home at the gym. Start off nicely with 3 times a week training your whole body and in between you take the necessary rest. Provide adequate sleep 8 hours a night. During your sleep your body makes growth hormone with which to build your muscles, is not that great?

Drink enough water. If you train then you need more water and it also improves your muscle recovery. Drink 2 glasses of water after each meal. Drink something during training.

Eat as much as possible. But the right food. Proteins, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. Training only makes sense when you provide your body with the right fuel. Try to throw petrol in your diesel car, you'll get a small piece of windshield before you hopelessly stranded. That is exactly what you do with your body if you do not eat well and cleanly.

6. Complex carbohydrates! Eating a lot of carbohydrates is good for muscle building. We are talking about complex carbohydrates here. So forget those white sandwiches that your mother gave you. Multigrain bread only the darkest bread is good enough. Where else can we find those good complex carbohydrates? In unpolished rice, so no takeaway visits to the Chinese ... In wholemeal pasta, so no spaghetti bolognese more at the Italian on the corner! If you do this in your ears then you will notice it on your body. Yes if you want a nice and muscular body then you will follow these rules. Who wants to stay vadsig does not. This is how the corn separates from the chaff. The choice is entirely yours, corn or chaff? Complex carbohydrates keep your body fat low, so your muscles are under your skin and not under a layer of fat.

7. Shopping is half the work!

Only walk the outer paths during your shopping. Just pay attention, these are the paths with fresh, really healthy food. The deeper you go to the heart of the supermarket, the more sugars, saturated fats and simple carbohydrates you encounter. Vegetables, bread, dairy products are all in the outermost paths. The only thing you need that is not in the outermost paths is rice, pasta and herbs. But even these are not in the center of the supermarket, in the absolute center there is candy, chips, cake and more junk.

Breakfast cereals are good for you, if you know which to choose! Everything from cruesli and kellogs is junk, just look at the nutritional value. Go only for oatmeal, weetabix, natural muesli etc. If there is now less sugar wants that often only say that there used to be a lot more sugar and now just a lot. These are cheap sales tricks where people often get involved. So watch out.

Make sure you choose 90% of the nutrition below.

- Protein: steak, tartar, chicken breast, fish, eggs, milk and Whey protein

- Carbohydrates: cornea rice, oatmeal, whole grain pasta, Weight gainer

- Vegetables: spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots

- Fruit: Oranges, bananas, apples, pineapple, pears

- Good fats: olive oil, nuts, sesame oil, linseed oil

8. Eat enough protein!

If you want to build muscle, you need to provide 2 to 3 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. Less is not sufficient for an athlete. Protein has, besides muscle building ability, another good quality. Protein has a high thermal effect on your body. Thermal effect is the extra energy consumption required for digesting and absorbing food. When you eat something, you do different things that consume calories. You start by biting, chewing and swallowing. Then your body processes the food, it is digested, transported, processed and stored. You consume calories during this process. This consumption of calories is called the thermal effect. The thermal effect of proteins is 20%. This means that 20 kcal of 100 kcal of protein (25 grams x 4 kcal) is used for processing.

Fat, on the other hand, is quickly processed and stored quickly, the body has little trouble with it, so it consumes few calories in this case. Carbohydrates are more difficult to process than fat, the body consumes more calories than when processing fat. But protein remains the undisputed king when it comes to the thermal effect.

Good protein sources are: steak, tartar, chicken breast, fish, eggs, milk and whey protein

9. Eat more often one day: At least 6 meals a day, preferably 7 or 8. Nutrition is energy, energy helps your muscle growth and recovery get going. But if you put all your calories in three meals then you turn a lot into fat. Why? Simply because your body finds it the easiest way to eliminate an overdose of food. If you carry your body smaller meals throughout the day, it works much better. The nutrients are removed and transported to where necessary.

Breakfast! 8 hours of fasting is more than enough, eat as soon as you are awake.

Eat after your workout! Eat protein and carbohydrates after your workout so muscle recovery starts and you also replenish your energy supplies.

Eat your body weight in kg x 40. If you weigh 80kg the sum is: 80x40 = 3200 kcal per day.

10. Whey protein. Use Whey protein . Although this is a popular supplement, there are still too many people who underestimate the importance of Whey. It has very big advantages:

- Whey builds muscles. You need 2 to 3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to grow. Every day of the week, you only take advantage of this by being consistent. Have you ever heard of the supporter wins? 1 scoop of protein is good for about 25 grams of protein

- It is so easy and cheap: you can mix 1 scoop of protein with 300 ml of water or milk that already yields 25 grams. A 4.5kg pot protein is already available for E 99.90, if you take 1 scoop every day, you'll do 5 months with it! Whey is the cheapest protein.

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