How much do nurses get paid in different countries?

Before I answer, a disclaimer is necessary: don't get into nursing for the money.

That said, the answer to your question depends considerably on your degree, years of experience, practice setting, and where you live. An LPN makes less (and is more limited in where s/he can work) than an RN. A BSN will make you more employable and result in higher pay. An MSN ups the money and opportunities in general, and NP's can make a bit more than all of the above.

In New York City you will pull in more than you would in rural Pennsylvania. If you work off-hours (night shift, weekends, holidays) you will see an increase in your check. Travel nurses or nurses who work per diem (coming in as needed to fill in for a nurse who has called out, etc.) also make more. 

To pull from my personal experience: When I started as a nurse roughly 10 years ago (RN, BSN) in an outpatient homeless services clinic, I made $24/Hr. As a per diem home care nurse at Jefferson, I made something like $36/hr. As an inpatient acute care nurse with my years of experience at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, I now make $43/hr. We are among the best-compensated nurses in our market. 

If you're just in it for the money and want to make as much as possible, become a nurse anesthetist. It requires ICU experience and years of study as well as a (science-heavy, VERY intense) advanced degree. Most programs forbid you from working while you are in school. But you can pull six figures.

If you Google search average nursing salaries in your area of the country, you can get a pretty good idea of what you are looking at. Good luck!
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