How much do pet owners love their pets?

Depends on how you look at it. I only buy proper sand for the litter box. I only buy proper brands of cat food from the petstore. Cat is efficiently outbranding me if we look at the percentage of branded goods he enjoys where I'll suffice with whatever is cheap enough at the store.

It doesn't mean I don't care about myself. I do. I try to dress myself according to the weather, I try and remember to eat at least once a day (and I know I should do better, but apparently I suck at schedules and keep forgetting things). Where cat will eat the same kind of food pretty much every day, I'll try and outdo myself from time to time with extravagant new meals (priced within reason), and buy an amount of nice things to be enjoyed by yours truly. While Cats percentage outranks mine, the amount of stuff and things I buy and do for myself outranks the stuff and things I buy and do for Cat.

It's a fragile coexistence. I've risked myself to save Cat on a few occasions, because he is my responsibility, just as my life is. That's why I climbed out the window of my 5th story apartment, onto the roof, to get him at 5AM in the morning, despite his odds being better at both balancing on the roof, and landing properly should any of us be so unfortunate and fall.

I am free to do with myself what I want, and at times I do poorly in that endeavour. But I do at least give Cat the opportunity to care for himself, aiding him where he is not capable. This includes giving him access to food and water, toys, as well as the occasional wash when it is needed.

He's well worth it, and rewards me with cuddles and long bouts of nonsensical gibberish (he's talkative, I'll give him that). At the same time he reminds me, when yelling for food and water and imminent cleansing (the latter not always recveived with rejoice on his part), that I may be in need of the same. I don't know if this declares either of us the winner of my affection, but such is our relation.

I hope this helps.

I have a cat....let's just say she has me very well trained. I make sure she has what she needs before I have my needs. My first radon for this is because I live her. She is my child (I have no children).

The next reason is because she never asked to live with me. I chose her to live with me. I would not feel that it is right to put myself before her due to this.

When you get a pet I feel that it comes with responsibilities. If I did not want these responsibilities I should not have taken her into my home and life.

Above all thoughI love her like she is a member of my family so of courseI place her needs first.

I love my pets like family. They've been there for me when no one else could, and given me a reason to get out of bed in the morning when I otherwise would have hidden from the world all day. Feeding them, cleaning up after them, and taking them to the vet is a small price to pay in return for that.

Especially my cat, Clover. Toby the dog is a friend, but he's mostly my mom's pet; Clover is entirely my responsiblity, and she's latched on to me like a limpet from day one. I love her enough to forgive her when she claws up my books, knocks things off of my desk, or puts a new scar on my arm while I try to give her medicine. She's just being a cat. As long as she lets me pet her and keeps me company while I study, I don't mind.

Thanks for the a2a. It varies. Some love them intensely. They see their pet as a part of their family. This is how I relate to my cat, Caramel. Others see them as in a lesser way, as a friend. And some see them as a utility, for protection, or as an accessory like a purse dog. And some treat them badly.

The purpose of having pets is as easy as having a companion. You chose to care for them the same way you need to be cared for, with food and shelter, love and care for their needs.

I know if my dog (or past pets) is taken care of properly, they will be much happier and healthier and more likely to live a good life.

If it hit the point that it was feed me or my dog, the dog would get what she needed to survive along with me.

My dogs love me unconditionally. Why should I not do the same for them? Domesticated dogs are on this earth because someone at some point decided to breed two dogs and had a litter of puppies. My thought process is...the reason they are on this earth is because of a human. So it is the responsibility of humans to make sure dogs are cared for in the best possible manner.

T4A2A, Lucas.

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