How much % do steroids raise testosterone levels?

The average male produces between 5–10 mg per day of testosterone naturally - that's about 35–70 mg per week total.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy uses about 100–200 mg of testosterone in weekly injections

Gender re-assignment for Female-to-Male trans-therapy uses about 100 mg of testosterone in weekly injections.

Competitive Professional and Top Amateur Bodybuilders have been known to use up to 1000–2000 mg of testosterone (or more) of anabolic steroids per week, plus Growth Hormones and Insulin to support muscle growth.

I would estimate that MOST competitive non-Bodybuilding/powerlifting/weightlifting athletes who use anabolic steroids will use between 200mg and 500mg weekly.

Does the Air Force do rest days after working-out?

In basic training? Not really. You do calisthenics 3 days a week (push-ups, sit ups, burpees, etc.) and then you run 3 days a weeek. On Sundays you get a "rest" day, but you still might end up doing push-ups or other exercises to include marching. In tech school we did squadron PT three days a week.

What is the best way to read philosophy?

There's a fundamental distinction between two types of philosophy (in the West, at least) - Analytic and Continental (Google for more on that). It sounds like you're referring to Continental philosophy. So that's one thing to figure out before you set out