How much do you love your country?

Instead of tissues they kept pieces of news paper for cleaning hands after washing with water in the hotel I went for having lunch.

As usually my friend took paper to clean but surprisingly he folded it well and kept it aside and called one of the workers.

I was wondering what he was doing

When he came my friend said "Bro, this piece of paper have national flag please keep it safe someone might unknowingly use it for cleaning"

Without a single word worker too kept the piece of paper beside God photo. I stood there feeling unknown proudness inside my heart and great respect towards my friend.

Wherever we see our national flag whenever we hear national anthem we respect them because they are part of our soul

As I don't have the pic of paper, I am attaching below pic downloaded from Google just for reference

How to let go of religion

I hate religion. God hates religion. You know why? Because religion is man made. I know many, many people who have come out of ‘religion', and perhaps have even suffered very heavy persecution from friends and family for it, but now they live blessed, happy lives which are pleasing

What are three weird tips about visiting Toronto, Canada?

Enjoy the multiculturalism.I was sitting in an Indian restaurant when I noticed a Japanese restaurant across the hall. I said to the waiter

What can Estonia give to the world?

A few things immediately come to mind:- Estonia has set an incredibly instructive precedent for the proper integration of technology and governance.- The education system in Estonia places priority on the hard sciences and quantitative subjects from a very early age. The dividends from this have yet to