How much does 10th class marksheet CBSE board matter?

CBSE 10th marksheet is very crucial for getting the subjects of your choice in 11th standard. After 12th a few colleges also ask for 60% and above in 10th as well as 12th. Moreover when you will appear for campus placements in the last year of your graduation some companies would allow you to skip aptitude test if you have above 75% or 80% in your 10th, 12th and graduation.

Frankly speaking it doesn't matter how much you scored.After boards just for 2–3 months you will feel like it matters but as slowly you will move on with class 11 you will realize that 10th marksheet is only used as proof fot Birth Certificate

If you have ever met Queen Elizabeth, can you describe what her personality is like?

Thank you for the A2A, Mark Urso! I have never had the privilege of meeting HM Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore I am unable to describe her personality firsthand. Sorry I am unable to be more helpful. I have never even visited the UK

Why do you not believe in Ghosts?

Why don't you believe that ghost are real?Because there's no good reason to.

What would happen if the UK invaded Ireland?

The UK army would batter the Irish army within days or weeks at the most, then the army of occupation would suffer years of attrition and misery as guerrilla fighter continued the war. Probably on both sides of the Irish sea. Atrocities would be committed on both sides and many mothers would mourn