How much does TCS pay in South Africa?

Its depends on ur exp. However, there will be a minimum wage that they are supposed to pay. But in addition to that ur exp and wage law of SA also matters. And u will keep getting ur TCS India salary in addition to that.

In South Africa you will get both Indian Salary converted to South African Currency(Gross Indian) and grade based allowance which depends on your grade , Apart from that you get medical aid and accommodation (For first two years)..

If you have kids then TCS will pay some part of school fee.

For more detail check in Ultimatix.

Why do people go to bars in foreign countries?

Only after going to the bars in a small town of Slovakia, I realized that the beer is so fucking cheap there in comparison to Germany. I also noticed that the barmaid looked like 14 years old but she had a ring on her finger. She was

Have you ever had something stolen, only to have it returned (anonymously or not) much later?

Not necessarily stolen. Or so I don't think but will never truly know.Ok kids, pull up your chairs & pillows, it's story time. Once upon a time, around early fall of 2017, there was a woman who was scheduled to

Why didn't Germany invade Spain, Switzerland and Sweden while they did invade other European countries that posed no threat?

They did not have to invade Sweden.For historical reasons, the pro-German sentiments were strong in Sweden by the rulers and in the upper classes. The royalty and nobility were related to Germany, and trade with Germany was a major source of revenue.It was only by fortunate circumstances that Sweden did not side with Imperial