How much does a Tesla car cost in Europe today?

As of March 2016, minimum purchase prices for a new Tesla Model S 70D, ordered without any options, delivered, are:

Austria 84,640 EUR

Belgium 85,240 EUR

Denmark  approx. 109,400 EUR

Finland 91,317 EUR

France 78,340 EUR

Germany 83,940 EUR

Great Britain approx. 74,900 EUR

Italy 85,940 EUR

Netherlands 85,285 EUR

Norway approx. 68,300 EUR

Sweden approx. 94,200 EUR

Switzerland approx. 73,100 EUR

As you read in other thread's, you forget one big factor in your calculation and that is TAX ! The 67.400$ you mention is without any form of TAX. The reason why they never include tax in pricing in the U.S. is because it's not the same in the different states. Anything you buy in the U.S. is marked with a pricetag NOT including tax. As an example, if you buy a sweater in a store with a pricetag of 100$, you will end up paying 107$ at the cashier if the state tax is 7%.
So, when you bring the usual 21% ( Belgium, Netherlands )into the equation, the 60kWh model has a price of 81554$ ! Bringing it over to Europe adds another 15% for transportation and import tax, which brings you to 93787$. The remaining 2213$ is to cover the required modifications and to pay for the companies expenses such as the distribution center in Tilburg. So all by all, I would say the price is fair. It's not Tesla we should blame - it's the governments with their insane tax structure !
And if you would wonder - no, I'm not affliated to Tesla, I'm a regular hard working and tax paying citizen :-(

100 thousand euros, basic Model S. And depending on the electric car incentives given in the country.

If you had the time to visit Quora to ask that question, you have time to visit & check for yourself. Sorry to be "rude", but damn - there's laziness, and then there's LAZINESS.

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