How much does an instagram model make?

This question purely depends on the account and model. For example, Justin Bieber obviously gets paid much more than any average person on Instagram. He gets paid more due to the fact that he has an extremely loyal fanbase and his personal brand emcompasses the globe.

So, the main factor into how much you can make on the platform depends on the engagement and amount of followers you have. It also depends on how you are planning to monetize on those followers.

For example, @LoganPaul created his own clothing brand and promotes it on social media. Due to the fact that he has an extremely large and engaged audience he is able to make seven figures selling clothing. Simply put he directs his followers to his "Maverick" website where they are able to purchase clothing from $20–$100. Let's say it costs around $5 to create the hoodie, due to his name and brand he is able to charge $50 for the same hoodie. Taking $45 dollars revenue on one single hoodie! This is all created from hype around social media.

Do you see how powerful this is?

If you're thinking purely about Instagram there are tons of ways to monetize your account from creating your own store, selling shoutouts and becoming an affiliate.

These all have require different marketing tactics and can all be successful on Instagram.

If you are looking at selling shoutouts on Instagram you need to look at how well your account preforms. If the account you are selling the shout out to will receive a large amount of exposure you can price the shout out according to numbers.

For example, I have seen an Instagram model shoutout priced anywhere from $20-$500 and upwards. This all purely depends on your followers and the amount of engagement.

Another example of creating income on Instagram is affiliate marketing. This once again depends on how many people you can get to click your link. You can either do this by driving your Instagram followers to an email list which then later you can promote your service or you directly place the link in your bio.

For example, @Millionaire_Mentor on Instagram is killing it with affiliate marketing. He has been able to generate over $1,000,000 on the platform by driving his followers through the link in his bio towards an affiliate link.

Hope this helps answer your question.

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