How much does it cost for a family of 4 to live in Canada?

  • In poverty, $ 47,000 /year.
  • In reasonable comfort, with a car and a suitable apartment or modest house, $ 75,000 /year
  • Well, with the odd vacation trip, $ 100,000 per year
  1. The Median income for a single worker is $ 47,000
  2. The median income for a "family" of unspecified size is $ 78,000 per year.

Note, it is not possible to live well for these incomes in the largest cities, housing is VERY expensive and commuting is terribly long, even if by public transit. For driving, it is worse. The gridlock is almost complete in the morning and evening rush hours.

Is skipping rope good enough as a standalone exercise?

Yes definitely!Skipping rope is a great full body toning and also a great cardio training exercise. You can definitely get away with skipping rope alone without strength training if you just want to be fit and toned but not super muscular.Below is a great

Is it necessary for a girl to get married by the age of 24? Why do parents think of getting her married to a well settled guy when she has not fulfilled her goals (though she has a deadline) yet?

The crisis can be understood.but please think about the guy you wish to get married to.he will be at least 4–5 years older than you meaning he will be at least 28–29 and then he has thousands of girls still younger then you to choose from so why must he wait. sorry but by the time your career