How much money do I get paid with 100000 video views on YouTube?

There are various factors that come into place for the revenue to be generated for the views you will get on your YouTube videos.

These are,

  1. The topic of the videos you are making
  2. The countries from where the videos are being watched
  3. The type of Ads that are going to appear on your videos.
  4. How Ad friendly your content is.

It could widely range between $25 to $200

$25 is the lowest in the entertainment category or the videos that go viral

$200 would be the highest and would be mostly B2B category.

What effect would it have on my body if I burn approximately 100 calories every day on a treadmill?

Probably nothing, unless you can be more specific.If you induced a 100-calorie deficit via the treadmill on a daily basis - as in, you ate 100 fewer calories than you burned via everything you did throughout the day - it would take 35 days to lose one pound of fat (3500 calories = 1 pound).That being

What specific traits make a person interesting to be around?

To have a great conversation. If you can have fun by just talking with someone, you can have fun doing anything else as well. You won't need to plan things, because just being around still would be enough to get fun. You would then have

Should every person go to the gym and work out or can other stay healthy without working out?

No gym is needed, we are always working out. Instead of being one of those people circling the grocery store parking lot accept that walking an extra 30 feet (or 6 spaces) is actually a good thing. Do you like soccer? Join an adult league and