How much money do I need to visit Bhutan?

On the off chance that you wish to influence your get-aways to brimming with experience, fun, satisfaction and incredible recollections, at that point Bhutan is where you ought to be. Excellent Bhutan has everything that can pull in the vacationers, and this is the motivation behind why this nation gets a lot of footfalls of universal voyagers from the whole way across the globe. While you are going to different places in Cheapest Bhutan Holiday Packages from India , you can comprehend that the land has numerous things to offer you and make your outing noteworthy for whatever is left of your life. The Land Of The Thunder Dragon has grandiose slopes, baffling woods, quiet and tranquil religious communities and in addition green valleys that can help you to appreciate true serenity.

How much does it really cost to visit Bhutan?.....ln high season months.(March, April, May, September, October and November), the cost of visiting Bhutan is $250 US.per person per day. If you are travelling solo you unfortunately have to pay a surplus of $40 US a day bringing your total to $290 US a day. In the low season months(December, January, February, June, July and August.), the cost of visiting Bhutan is $250 US per person per day.(though the $40 US charge for a solo traveller still stands).There are a few discounts available for children and students that are worth looking for into if you are travelling with kids.(and if you are a fulltime student, under the age of 25 off the daily fee). In fact, your daily fees covers everything, and once you are in the Country, you do not pay a single penny. So that daily fees includes:- all accommodation, food,(minus alcohol), ground transportation, entrance fees and a private guide and a driver.(sometimes this the same person) Travel insurance and flight are not included and there is also a Visa fee of $40 (which your tour company will arrange for you). Please note that you arrange your private tour before arriving in Bhutan and have to pay the company in full before being granted your Visa.You must book your tour with an approved company since the Government is strict to ensuring that the tourists are treated properly. All these actually discignated as a royal fee:- for lnfrustracture, Education, HealthCare, Repairs and more. By paying your daily fee, you are also contributing to keeping the Country happy, healthy, and clean. Tourism Policy is High value, Low impact..Meaning they want tourists to have the best possible time visiting the Country while still respecting its culture and its environment. The best way to ensure that?.Well, make people pay. It is a small Buddhist Nation of around 800, 000 people.

Well, it depends on which part of the world are you from. For Indians going to Bhutan is very cheap as we dont have to pay $250 per day as other foreign national have to pay. We can travel and explore the country on our own.

Me and my husband visited Bhutan in 2015 March and planned it 2 months in advance. For a 10 day trip, Pune to Pune including flight tickets we spent 60k and had a lavish vacation.

Do check my other answers on Bhutan and you will get details of my vacation in Bhutan.

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Keep Travelling. Do visit Bhutan, its Heaven on Earth!

You should mention your city atleast to calculate fare etc.

Since i dont know your point of departure so i am giving you idea from NJP to NJP as base.

To travel bhutan you reach phutshiyong border town of Bhutan (hope this is correct name of town as i went there long ago).

Rs 100 pp for share taxy to cross border. No visa ,only passport, aadhar or voter id of India for Indian citizen. But for others bhutan charge heavy fee for visa.

Than pick Toyota bus to paro ,stay there at 1k rs pd. Nice room n food. Food cost 400 rs pd. Local explore cost about nothing.paro is best of bhutan .

Next day go thimpu city by bus. Same exp again for traveling.

For 5 day bhutan tour cost 10 k Indian rs. On basic or backpack level.

Rest depand on your desire level of luxury.

Refer to the cost section of this answer: Vinodhini SD's answer to Can I visit Bhutan and Nepal without having a passport? If yes, then how and how much will it cost for four people from India for a weeklong visit?

For me it costed 13,500 INR for a week long stay, food, taxi fare for local sightseeing & other personal expenses excluding airfare to Bhutan. The round trip flight fares from Bangalore to Bagdogra costed me 20,000 INR because I booked the flight just a week before the trip.

You can also book trains to save up a little here.

For tips and tricks to plan for a budget trip, have a glance at Vinodhini SD's answer to How can I visit Bhutan on a very limited budget?

Hope this helps. Drop me a message if you need any other detail regarding your Bhutan trip!

A 6 nights 7 day package including flight would cost you around 45k. You can check out the package here, if you're interested. But I would also emphasize that price should be the only thing you should consider while booking a tour package. The tour operator's reviews, years of experience and the itineraries they offer should also be of concern. Companies like SOTC and Thomas Cook have many years on experience of managing tours and over the years they have gained people's trust. I would also recommend you to explore some more Bhutan packages.

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